Morocco Desert 2018 is the fruition of our efforts as a team of artists, musicians, DJs, and sound and lighting engineers.

Our vision and hope is to create a space for individuals to express themselves through ecstatic dance, to transcend their ego, and transform through the vibrations of sound, but also to bring together people to celebrate life and music, and experience the magic of the Moroccan Desert.

We chose the wonderful dunes of Merzouga for the gorgeous landscape, but also because we find it to be the ultimate space to regenerate and transform. We will also be dancing under the light of the full moon, an auspicious time of the month to let go of what no longer serves us, to grow together as one, and to share the spirit of Peace and Love.

We see this festival rather as a family gathering to celebrate love, dance and sound, and to ignite the energy of union and oneness and we are therefore very happy and excited to announce the first edition of this gathering that we hope will only be the beginning of a long journey into the heart.

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