RAK Electronik

1985, birth of Julien, first cry – headaches of the midwife. 1990, first Fisher Price cassette recorder – first suffering for parental ears. 1995, first wooden xylophone – first personal cacophony. 2000, the first pair of belt decks (connoisseurs must smile here) to get into the electronic tones. His idols of the time make the teenager bifurcate towards techno. Thanks to Richie Hawtin, Monika Kruse & Cie.
Just a few months later, the young DJ plunges headlong into the minimal for the happiness of all. He meets Sierra Sam & Marcus Vector in his favorite records shop, Toys For Boys labels, Nomor Records and recently Upon.You . He spends part of his summer vacation in Berlin for the happiness of his ears initiated at the micro / house, musical thunderbolt on the floor of the Berghain, Panorama Bar in front of Cassy! He will co-organize the evening called Sunlight to present the Moon Harbor label in his hometown, he will share the line-up with Mathias Tanzamann & Dan Drastic. He will also take care of the Groovy-Club website, writing reviews of upcoming releases, reviews and broadcasting of djs sets recorded by him. Since then, Sweethis oscillates and plays techno /micro / minimal sounds tinged with grooves. In Morocco, after starting with the collective Red Circle, he will play in the Dhow boat for Pure, the FMR Experience, L’envers and recently he took up the organisation and artistic choice for RAK Electronik collective for #danceverywhere

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