Y Serious ?

SECRET 47 is the fruit of a collaboration between Yacine & Genti which started at the Exit Festival in 2008. Since then they have played together in numerous clubs around the Balkans and Europe and started
to build up their reputation as a unique Back 2 Back team and played along side Johnny D (Germany), Anja Schneider (Berlin), Dave Mothersole, OXIA (Paris), Terry Francis & Nathan Coles (London), Kabale und Liebe (Amsterdam), Andrea Oliva(Basel), Shlomi Aber and many more. Their tours have brought them to unique clubs such as OFF SONAR (ESP), Q Club (Zurich), Nordstern (Basel) etc. Known to have combined their talent to bring the best
electronic beats and rythms to the music connoisseurs, their performances always leave a lasting impression. Strongly influenced by Oriental roots and inspiration, percussions, drums, vocals and
deep/tech house grooves are a signature of their style. But most of all, it’s the energy that they deliver and share which make their performances unique.