Miss TeKiX is a Self-made djane that grows quickly in the psychedelic trance scene, impressing people thanks to her dj skills and the wide range of music styles that she plays during her sets (psytrance, full-on, psyprog or even psybreak).
Miss TeKiX discovered the underground electronic scene back in 2010 and just a few months later, she got her firsts complete dj desk. Her passion for electronics music push Miss TeKiX to explore all kinds of styles, from hard and dirty music to electro and Psytrance, which is now her favourite choice.
In 2013 she joined Transubtil, a french organization of psytrance events based in Marseille (France).This opportunity put her in the condition to be more active in the music business, encounter a larger public and last but not least play with some of her favorite artists like: Ajja, Astrix, Loud, Braincell, Ace Ventura, Dust, Arjuna, Dirty Saffi and more.
In 2016 she joined Blacklite Records, key label of her djsets and important step for her music career.