Marc Prause is an electronic music producer and dj born in Bielefeld Germany in the 80s, his passion for music emerged from an early age. At 12, he began playing the piano and it opened for him the doors of a new sound experience.

Enthusiastic and hardworking, he made his profession as an electronic engineer an advantage in his production.
Traveler at heart, his music is a story, discovery … He likes playing with the different tones to create a sound adventure, experimental sounds that gives a personal touch to his tracks whether Techno, Tech house, Deep house … It creates harmony and as he said: “Harmony is music, it let us express, It comes from a moment and the tracks are snippets from emotional expressions”.
He is well known in his city and played in different other as: Berlin, Leipzig, Basel, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Casablanca …
While playing Marc like the great atmosphere in electronic party’s and the way the crowd is one community … “Electronic music is a movement for happiness and freedom between people and the music”.
Marc’s first official releases where on Love International, Disclosure UK and Alola Records in 2014, his tracks began receiving support from the likes of: Daniel Stefanik, Roland Klinkerberg, Acid Pauli, Animal Trainer, Guy J and many more …