Adham abouhilal was born on the first of january 1987, He grew up at casablanca, from his youth he’s shown a great love and passion for music.
As a child he travelled a lot, getting around the globe and being a part of different musical scenes allowed him to acquire a rich musical culture and determines his future orientations and preferences.
It all started on 2002-2003 when the new year free trance party took place at marrakech, the experience took him straight to a surreal artistic environment. One year later, the very first edition of desert camp view festival had been held at zagoura , Dj ADM discovered the art of mixing music and by the way the tool for him to convert emotions into colorful sounds, therefore and after only one year of practice and serious involvement the name of this young talented artist appears upon the line-up of the second edition of the same festival and, as expected, his work was simply remarkable and so his career officially begins.

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