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Welcome to the realm where through music melodic thoughts are made tangible for an intuitive community. An unrestricted horizon becomes palpable with a groovy positive sound. Dany Boy offers his inner worlds with a celestial touch to make LOVE accessible to all.

Marrakech native Dany Boy bathed from a young age in a nurturing diverse plethora of sounds ranging from Gnawa, Reggae, Jazz to electronic music just to name a few. Thanks to this background he has managed to follow and understand the evolution of music. He surrounded himself with all the main acts in different cities and music festivals around the world allowing him to experience firsthand the different productions of house, techno, minimal, progressive and deep music at the forefront of its development.
Overtime, he has managed to combine his passion for music and his craftsmanship to create a smooth mix of all types yet always retaining a certain groove to an uplifting sound.
Co-founder of O’Yes records and les patrons du vertige concept parties.