Label Manager of La Clap Records , he start to play at the age of sixteen in the south of france.

That was the up comming of the rave party ,he start to play some techno music with a couple off old schools figure. He’s got his first residence in the famous « le club house»in the south of france,where he start to improve is music by playing some old groovy house music / techno. It’s in 2000 that he discover the minimal with some labels like minus,perlon…. Some djs like richie hawtin,ricardo villalobos, create a real music buzz for him usually use as a loop. The big change in 2005,when he works in the vinyl dealer in Paris, that give him, the opportunity of being able to enjoy and learn about different electronic music…also to begin playing in all the biggest club of paris and around…
in 2013 he created the Label & Parties LA CLAP

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