Olivier aka Adn Smith comes from a family of musicians and from his childhood until now, he’s been practicing a lot of music instruments. That’s how he learnt about electronic music when Goa Trance music was booming in 1995.

He was influenced by this new kind of sound, become passionate about it and start to mix Acid Goa during party events. During parties, his DJ sets performances were a success and he was able to play during the most famous events and festivals in the French Rhône-Alpes region such as (HYPNOTYK Eurexpo, Festival HADRA 2014…) and a couple of other dates going also to Belgium and the UK. He shared also some concert stages with other artists like LOUD, Logic Bomb, Dj Tristan, Side Effect ,Dj Driss, Tilt,Yamaga, Earthling, Darma, Sybarite, Altruism.. He’s always searching new basslines and modern psychedelic sounds and with that, his style evolved to a more Psy, Groove and also Dance floor atmosphere